Nearly twenty years ago in the year 2000, AMD would build the spec for the world's first 64-bit micro architecture for the x86 platform. While Intel and HP was messing around with Itanium, AMD would lead the way into the future of computing. In 2003 the first 64-bit processor would launch to the public. To this day both Intel and AMD processors run the AMD64 architecture that we would all simply know as 64-bit.

That was 2003- Linkin Park's Meteora was the album to own, Facebook didn't exist, most of us were still running Windows XP or 2000, Full Metal Alchemist would start its first run, and we were all still sporting CRT televisions and monitors. Let that sink in for a moment. We've had 64-bit computing available to us for a large majority of our lifetime. Of all x86 architecture lengths- 64-bit is gunning to be the longest. To give a comparison:

  • 8-Bit: Intel 8080 (1972) (6 Years)
  • 16-bit: Intel 8086 (1978) (7 Years)
  • 32-Bit: Intel i386 (1985) (18 Years)
  • 64-Bit: AMD Athlon 64 (2003) (16 Years and Going)

Even with ever increasing ram sizes in PCs, we will need to reach anywhere between 1TB to 4PB (40-bit and 52-bit address bits respectfully) of ram before we hit a ceiling again. Furthermore, the last 32-bit consumer processor built was in 2004. Those processors were single core and ran on aging hardware that will now struggle to even run Google Chrome or your latest operating system. (Ask me how I know, please- I'll point to my Athlon 64 build behind me and explain it to you, or better yet my Pentium 2!)

So that leads me to this, I'm no longer going to support 32-bit for Open Joystick Display. With Ubuntu looking to ditch support for it in the near future, Apple basically doesn't allow it, and Windows will soon be on the same path- I'm done with dealing with it. My build servers require me to compile a 32-bit version of node just to get it to run, I have to set those up and manage, it is just not worth it. I’m working on brand new features for this project and it is getting in the way.

It's 2019- your computer supports 64-bit. If you're running my application currently - that means you have a 64-bit computer and you can install a 64-bit operating system. If this is because you have an old version of Windows- Microsoft basically gives Windows away for free, and if you hate Windows like myself, Linux is 100% free.

If you insist on running 32-bit and want to run Open Joystick Display, by all means compile node and everything yourself, however, I will not support it- you are on your own.

That is the end of that. I'm currently working on a rewrite of the application and it will have a new interface and lots of new features- getting this out of the way will help me streamline that process. Thank you all for using Open Joystick Display, I mean it- this project has been lots of fun and I'm happy that you all are using this tool for your streams and videos- it's awesome. Now it's time for me to get back to work!

- Anthony
Monday, July 15th, 2019